Best Pod Coffee Machines of 2020

Best Pod Coffee Machines of 2020

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  • May 29, 2020

Pod coffee machines are coffee brewers that work with capsules or pods that you can find at your local grocery store. For avoidance of doubt, we are reviewing single serve coffee machines that work with capsules. Using these machines takes away the need to buy coffee beans and manually grind them, which some could argue is at the expense of the taste of your coffee. Single serve coffee machines are the perfect match of convenience and quality and this is exactly why they are so popular in 2020. They can be very handy when you're in a rush to make you're coffee but still want a great espresso.

There are various different models that fit your tastes and needs. When making the decision of what model of machine you should go for, there are various factors that may be relevant to you such as:

User friendliness

A good espresso brewer should be simple and easy to use while still having enough features to give you the freedom of how you would like to drink your coffee.

Fast Brew Time

Single serve machines are convenient for users who have less time to manually brew their coffee. By such, a machine that can reach its maximum temperature rapidly, and for which your coffee can be ready within minutes is favorable.

Large Water Reservoir

For more regular coffee drinkers (various cups per day), a machine with a larger water tank is preferable to avoid refilling it constantly.

Easy to maintain

Most machines come with features that help the user maintain the machine with minimum effort. You should be looking out for machines that contain these features as they will reduce the hassle of cleaning your machine in the long run!

Another classic and best-selling coffee machine that makes our list of best pod coffee machines in 2020. The Keurig K55 is our best value for money machine for 2020. The machine comes at a relatively low price compared to its counterparts, and is best seller for a reason!

The K55 is an extremely user friendly coffee machine, with a few simple buttons that make the experience easy and allows you to brew your coffee within a minute. This makes the K55 a very reliable machine for when you are busy and/or in a rush. You can brew cup sizes from 4-12oz, so it covers for whichever way you like to have your coffee.

This machine works with Keurig K-Cup pods, however you may enjoy a variety of tastes of pods as the machine also works with other pods from different brands, such as Illy or Starbucks.

The K55 has a 48oz water tank capacity, so you won’t have to refill the tank too often. Combined with the speed at which the machine’s water reaches its highest temperature, the K55 is a proved convenient machine.

While the K55 is known to be a larger machine, it must be noted that it has automatic descaling buttons to clean calcium, and easy access to clean the machine and for this the K55 ranks very highly in ease of maintenance.

If you are looking to prioritize a lower price and a higher convenience over taste, you should definitely consider the Keurig K55 K-Classic Coffee Maker, as it is a proven machine in 2020.

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Keurig are respected for being pioneers in single serve coffee machines. It is not surprising that yet another Keurig machine makes our best single serve coffee machines list.

The K-Elite is a step up from Keurig’s other machines. It is a pod coffee machine that is best suited for work/office environments, as it has more customized functions. Examples of these include the ability to control the temperature of your brew (even with a setting for iced coffees), choosing intensity of coffee from mild to strong, or even programming the machine to turn on at specified times.

Even though it is a more complex machine, it remains very easy to use and it caters for the wide variety of tastes you may have as a coffee drinker. It still boasts of the ability to brew a cup of coffee under a minute.

While the K-Elite could suit your kitchen as well, we believe it’s very well fitted for office use. It has a water tank reservoir of 75oz, which suits a larger environment where various coffees are brewed per day. It also uses Keurig’s silent brew technology which would minimize noise in the office. With a maintenance reminder setting in the machine, as well as descaling features and a removable drip tray, the K-Elite is straightforward to maintain clean after use.

If you are looking for a machine that covers it all, from different taste settings, to silent and rapid brewing, you should consider the K-Elite, which is our top pick for office settings.

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For a lot of coffee lovers, it is important to always have their coffee with them at all times. There may be situations where you are faced with travel and there are no coffee shops around you. Nevertheless, with various portable machine choices today, it is difficult to choose the best one for you.

Most portable machines suited for travel work by way of French Press or Drip ways of making coffee. However, if you are looking for quality espresso coffee like you could have at your home, the Staresso Electric Portable Espresso Machine is a must-consider.

The Staresso is about 8 inches in size and is made in plastic, making it very travel friendly as it could fit a small bag. It does not need a power source, and works with Nespresso capsules.

It is a straightforward machine to use, comes with clear instructions and you can enjoy your espresso within minutes. Naturally, as it’s a portable machine it does not come with a water tank, but in order to enjoy your espresso you would need about 80ml of water. The machine also can serve as a function to froth milk, which is great if you are looking to brew lattes or cappuccinos while traveling!

Lastly, it is a very easy machine to clean. A rinse of water from the tap will do the job, and leave your machine spotless for its next use

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