Best Face Masks on Amazon

Best Face Masks on Amazon

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  • August 7, 2020

When looking for a face mask to protect yourself in this pandemic, there are various pointers you should consider when choosing which mask you go for. Examples of such include:

  • Tight fit to face: Face masks need to be properly fit to your face size, so they can remain firmly covering your mouth and nose.
  • Breathing capability: Some masks offer more breathing ability than others. You should pick one that suits your needs, whether you are looking to be in an enclosed environment for a while or just use it to go outside infrequently.
  • Filter capacity: Masks are made to stop air-borne infections. You should be looking fo a mask that has good air filtering capacity, to ensure you are protected from being infected when coming into close contact with the virus.

As previously mentioned, there are different types of masks that can be worn to provide some protection against viral infections. Below are the three main types of masks in use today.

Surgical Face Mask Side View

Surgical Mask

The most basic mask commonly used today. They cover the mouth and nose from possible contamination through droplets, and contain your respiration and saliva from others. Surgical masks are usually cheaper than other face coverings.

Niosh N95 Face Mask Front View

N95 Mask

Also known as N95 Respirators, they are commonly used by healthcare professionals. They form a protection seal around the nose and mouth, and have a close fit to the face. They are very effective in the filtering of air particles.

KN95 Face Mask Front View

KN95 Mask

Very similar to N95 masks with the only difference being the country they are certified from. The N95 is certified in the United States, whilst the KN95 in China.

The KN95 is the most secure face mask to use in absence of the american version (N95). They offer great protection against viral infections as they effectively cover the mouth and nose, and allow for air filtration within the mask. They come with an ear loop system which ensures that the mask has a tight fit around your face, making it less likely for you to rearrange your mask constantly. They come out to less than $4 per mask in this 10 pack, and are of great value if you are looking to spend more for a safe mask to wear.

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The most commonly used masks today. They are 3-ply masks equipped with a filtration system which provides an extent of protection if you are to be outside for a shorter period of time. These masks work out at $0.60 per unit, which is a cheap and good value option to protect yourself when leaving your house.

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The type of face covering you used when you could go skiing or hiking. Now, the neck gaiter is a very relied upon option to cover your face during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter has a function designed to keep you cool in the summer whilst having to wear a face covering. It is made from soft, lightweight fabric which allows for maximum comfort and enhanced breathing. You can activate the neck gaiter with water, which in turn can make it go 30ยบ below body temperature in under 30 seconds.

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Updated: November 20, 2020
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